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Asdaaf Perfume Kasoof White Extract Eau de Parfum 100ml



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Asdaaf Perfume Kasoof White Extract Eau de Parfum 100ml


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3 Bewertungen für Asdaaf Perfume Kasoof White Extract Eau de Parfum 100ml

  1. Sabrina

    KardamomKardamom WeihrauchWeihrauch
    Herznote Herznote
    madagassischer Ylang-Ylangmadagassischer Ylang-Ylang Orangenblüte AbsolueOrangenblüte Absolue
    Basisnote Basisnote
    LederLeder Vanille CO2Vanille CO2

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  2. Dorota, Kraków

    Perfect chocolate musk. Perfume is literally edible. Very high projection, durability on the skin about 8 hours (combination skin, cold weather, I have low blood pressure). They are perfectly sweet, warm, very rich. I recommend it from autumn to spring. This perfume gives a lot of joy and acts as an aphrodisiac. If you love Shahrazad, you will love Kasoof White.
    If there is chocolate, it should contain both vanilla and patchuli 😉 Nevertheless, like any perfume, I put it in the closet for a month to age 🙂

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  3. Dorota Wozniczka

    This is a miracle in a beautiful package. The smell is sweet, almost edible to me, it is chocolate ice cream with vanilla icing or vice versa. It’s impossible to ignore this scent. If you can smell chocolate, it must contain vanilla and patchuli. Very good projection and long-lasting scent (approx. 8 hours on a cold day). If someone loves Shahrazad, they will love Kasoof White. I still need to try Black 🙂

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